Can't believe I'm looking forward to being in Dallas

I was sad to leave Grandpa, but he's doing much better. Grandma tagged in at half past 7, and I left shortly thereafter to shower before hitting the road. I'm about to leave for Denton to pick up Loren and the debaters, then heading on to Dallas for the second half of the swing at UTD. My back is killing me, and I'm going to need a quart of coffee to make up for last night's awful sleep, but I'm glad I could do this, and wish I could stay until they let him go home. I imagine my mom stretched between those chairs tonight, and feel slightly guilty about looking forward to the bed awaiting me at the Crowne Plaza.


Blogger stuckupgirl said...

Just letting you know I've been reading your accounts of hospital life. I'm going to miss hearing about Melvin. Hope your Grandpa pulls through. I relate to his profound fear of dying!
see you soon -

6:03 PM  

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