Only 3 more shopping days til Christmas!

12.21.04 (AFP) [White House spokesperson Scott] McClellan also downplayed an ABC News/Washington Post poll out Monday that found that more Americans than ever, about 56 percent, say the war in Iraq is not worth fighting.
"The president has never been one to govern based on polls. I mean, polls are snapshots in time, and we are working to continue to build upon the progress being made in Iraq," the spokesman said. [AP photo] Posted by Hello

PROGRESS? PROGRESS!? Early reports indicate 24 people died in an insurgent mortar attack on the mess hall at FOB Marez in Mosul on December 21, 2004. Meanwhile, back home in the states, a panicked George Bush realized he still hadn't bought anything for Karl, and he didn't have any idea what to give the man who snatched election victory from the jaws of defeat. "Maybe one of them I-Pods," he thought.


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